french vanilla | traditional vanilla bean gelato

stracciatella | vanilla bean gelato layered with cracked chocolate (pronounced strat/tchah/tehl/lah)

white chocolate raspberry | white chocolate gelato with fresh raspberries

creamy haupia | tropical coconut gelato

mint chocolate chip | green mint gelato with chocolate chips

triple chocolate | rich chocolate gelato with white chocolate, milk chocolate and semi-sweet chocolate chips

hawaiian hottie | rich chocolate gelato infused with cinnamon & spicy hawaiian chilies

salted caramel | caramel gelato with haleakala red salt

for goodness cake - strawberry | yummy cake batter gelato with cake crumble & sprinkles

chocolate oreo cookie | cocoa gelato with oreo cookie crumble & chocolate drizzle

chocolate coconut fudge |  haupia gelato with chocolate coconut fudge

chocolate mint fudge |  peppermint patty gelato with chocolate mint fudge

chocolate peanut butter fudge |  chocolate peanut butter gelato with chocolate peanut butter fudge

pistachio | pistachio gelato with crushed pistachios

hazelnut | hazelnut gelato with crushed hazelnut

gianduia | chocolate hazelnut gelato with crushed hazelnuts (just say chocolate hazelnut)

maui coffee crunch | coffee gelato & crushed macadamia nuts, chocolate chips, cacoa nibs

ono sandy beach | peanut butter gelato, layers of graham cracker crumble & maui-made coconut candy

macadamia nut brittle | macadamia nut gelato with crushed macadamia nuts & macadamia nut roca

strawberry | traditional strawberry sorbetto made with strawberries= we use kula strawberries when available

raspberry | fresh raspberry sorbetto

*island passion | passion fruit, orange & guava sorbetto – an island tradition!

mango | mango sorbetto made with fresh maui mangoes

maui gold pineapple | fresh pineapple sorbetto made with maui gold pineapples

coconut lime ginger | coconut sorbetto with fresh lime juice & fresh ginger puree

dark chocolate | rich dark chocolate sorbetto



rum raisin | vanilla gelato with rum and golden raisins

chocolate chip cookie dough | vanilla bean gelato with edible cookie dough

for goodness cake - chocolate | yummy cake batter gelato with cake crumble & sprinkles

for goodness cake - vanilla | yummy cake batter gelato with cake crumble & sprinkles

chocolate chip | stracciatella gelato with chocolate chip cookies

oatmeal craisin cookie | cinnamon gelato with oatmeal craisin cookie crumble

peanut butter cookie | peanut butter gelato with peanut butter cookie crumble

double chocolate fudge brownie | chocolate gelato with brownie crumble

kihei sunset | kula strawberry, blueberry and orange creamsicle sorbetto |’s swirled together

dark chocolate | rich dark chocolate sorbetto

coconut macaroon | chocolate haupia gelato with fudge stuffed macaroon crumble

vanilla cheesecake | vanilla bean cheesecake with graham cracker crumble

guava cheesecake | guava cheesecake gelato with graham cracker crumble

blueberry cheesecake | blueberry cheesecake gelato with graham cracker crumble


chocolate mac nut | chocolate gelato with chocolate mac nut fudge

white chocolate mac nut | white chocolate gelato with white chocolate mac nut fudge

pina colada | pineapple - coconut gelato with pina colada fudge

praline & cream | sweet crème gelato with macadamia nut praline fudge

rocky road | dark chocolate gelato with rocky road fudge

oreo cookie | vanilla bean gelato with white chocolate oreo cookie fudge

strawberry quark | quark cheese gelato made with fresh quark (cheese) & strawberries

blueberry quark | quark cheese gelato made with fresh quark (cheese) & blueberries

cotton candy | pink cotton candy gelato

bubble gum | bubble gum gelato with gumballs

root beer float | root beer and vanilla bean gelatos swirled together

orange creamsicle | orange and vanilla bean gelato swirled together

green tea mochi | green tea gelato with green tea mochi bits

earl grey with honey | earl grey gelato with honey drizzle

coconut chai | coconut chai gelato with toasted coconut

chocolate pistachio | chocolate & pistachio gelato with extra chocolate

chocolate sandy beach | chocolate peanut butter gelato with toasted coconut, peanuts, graham cracker crumbs & black lava salt

mocha crunch | chocolate gelato with macadamia nuts &  macadamia nut roca

almond joy | chocolate coconut sorbetto made with organic almond butter

meyer lemon | tart lemon sorbetto

key lime  tangy lime sorbetto

mandarin orange | sweet mandarin orange sorbetto

citrus swirl | swirl of citrus sorbettos

lilikoi | passion fruit sorbetto made with fresh local lilikoi (includes seeds)

blueberry | pure blueberry sorbetto

berry swirl | swirl of berry sorbettos

coconut | coconut sorbetto

pina colada | pineapple & coconut sorbetto

mango-strawberry swirl | mango & strawberry swirled sorbetto

strawberry papaya | strawberry & papaya sorbetto

kihei sunset | pina colada, strawberry & blueberry swirled sorbetto

dark chocolate mint | rich dark chocolate sorbetto with mint

dark chocolate oreo | rich dark chocolate sorbetto with oreo cookie crumble

dark chocolate raspberry | rich dark chocolate sorbetto with raspberries

dark chocolate strawberry | rich dark chocolate sorbetto with strawberries

dark chocolate coconut | rich dark chocolate sorbetto with coconut milk

dark chocolate peanut butter | rich dark chocolate sorbetto with peanut butter


mango and crème | agave sweetened fresh mango sorbetto

coconut crème | agave sweetened coconut sorbetto

chocolate raspberry | agave sweetened chocolate raspberry sorbetto